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What to Wear to a Casino Although casual attire is acceptable in most casinos, it should be appropriate for the kind of gaming that is performed there. For example, if you're attending a real money casino poker room, you should avoid wearing a ripped t-shirt or a beat-up pair of jeans. Instead, opt for a crisp white shirt or a black blazer and chinos. While the dress code at some casinos in Australia has been eliminated, it's still common for casual clothing to be acceptable. If you're wondering what to wear to a casino, you can check out online photo galleries to determine what kind of formal attire is appropriate. You'll be able to tell which ones are more formal than others by looking at the price tags of different casinos and what their reputation is for food and service. If you're not sure what to wear, look for pictures of the casino's lobby or other areas online and decide accordingly.

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Cantarelli Plain Suiting

In order to maintain its elegance and quality over time, it should be dry-cleaned only  occasionally by specialist dry cleaner. After not too intesive wear, the fabric will regain its original appearance if the jacket and trousers are simply hung on a normal hanger, if possible in a well-ventilated and slightly humid lacation.
We also recommend that you not wear your suit for more than 2-3 consecutive days.

The labelling of pure wool fabrics with the of "Supers" description is determined by the mean fibre diameter in microns.

maximum mean fibre diameter
SUPER 100's 18.75 microns
SUPER 110's: 18.25 microns
SUPER 120's: 17.75 microns
SUPER 130's: 17.25 microns
SUPER 140's 16.75 microns
SUPER 150's: 16.25 microns
SUPER 160's: 15.75 microns

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