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Terms & Conditions


In these terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between members and / or customers cantarellifabrics. Clicking an object, picture, link (other than the General Conditions) or button on your website: CE believes that you accept or agree with the above Terms and Conditions below.


Cantarelli LTD -"Cantarelli " Ltd., a company duly registered under the Bulgarian legislation with its registered office Ruse 10 Potsdam Str, UIC: 205581650

Website - Domain:

Partners - companies with which has signed contracts for the sale of discount coupons to use the services and / or products offered in the store.

 All information on the website, which can be seen through the use of an electronic device;

 All photos used on the website, which can be seen through the use of an electronic device, are considered like example - for the orginal colour and design always confirm with the samples books provided by Cantarelli LTD, therefore Cantarelli LTD cannot be held responisble for colour variations 

 The contents of all e-mails sent to customers and clients of by electronic means and / or any other means of communication;

 Any other information to customers or clients received from a member of, irrespective of the communication;

 Information relating to products, services and / or charges applied by in a given period;

 Information related to products, services and / or charges applied by third parties with whom partnership has been established in a given period;

 Information concerning or any information from a source

Service - E-Commerce services on public areas of the website in order to provide the client with the ability to purchase products and / or services, including the purchase of coupons (vouchers) using only electronic means, including means of distance communication (eg telephone, standard mail, internet, email, etc..).

Article - public or private natural or legal person holding or acquiring access content via any means of communication (email, phone, etc.) or based on the use of an agreement between and others that require the creation and use of PROFILE .

Profile - element consisting of e-mail address and password, which only allow one member to reach restricted areas of the website through which the services are available.

Client - public or private natural or legal person who has or obtains access to content or services after creating MEMBER ACCOUNT.

Document - these terms.

Contract for distance selling - a contract based on a proposal

the supplier / / to the user as part of a system for the sale of goods or provision of services, including the purchase of vouchers (coupons) where the date of submission of the proposal to the conclusion of the contract, the parties are not in physical contact with each other her.

Transaction - collection or recovery of funds resulting from the sale of a product or service, including service buy vouchers (coupons) by to clients.


2.1. This document sets out the general conditions under which the member or client can use the website / holding / services in cases where not available otherwise valid agreement between and Member / Client.

2.2. Use, including but not limited to access, visit and review Content / Services suggests that the member or client adhere to these Terms of use, except in cases where a substance is referred to special conditions.

2.3. Access to services is only and exclusively through publicly available website

2.4. By using the Website / Content / Services, member or customer is solely responsible for all consequences resulting from such use. Furthermore, member or user is responsible for any property, intellectual or electronic or any other character Damage website / content / services, or any other person which a contract for joint activity or the provision of services according to Bulgarian legislation.

2.5. If a member or client does not agree and / or disagree with and / or withdraw its consent to the document:

 2.5.1. He / She gave up: access to services, and other services that  available through its website, obtain brochures / notices or other communications by (electronic, phone, etc..) Without any collateral by .

 will delete all personal information from its database without any further obligations from side to side without either party be liable for damages to the other.

 2.5.3. May at any time change its decision on acceptance or rejection of this document as is available at the time of the decision.

2.6. Client / member may at any time agree and accept the document as is available at this time.

2.7. To exercise the rights described in art. 2.5 The member / client can connect to or use the internet connection that is received from for this purpose.

2.8. Customer may not withdraw his agreement with retroactive effect to the document while it is in effect a contractual relationship or until you pay all amounts due under contract funds to

3. Content

3.1. All content, including but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content published on the website are the property of or third parties, in which case the contents may be accompanied by a reference to his property for which has been authorized to use.

3.2.Customer may not copy, transfer, modify or make any other changes, use, associated with, display, include any Content in other contexts outside that of, including any content from the Site beyond, removing images, brands, distribution of materials prepared for reproduction, modification, display or content without the express consent of

3.3. Any Content to a member or a client or accesses a protected document, unless the content is not accompanied by a separate and properly granted consent for use between and member or client side or the other, or there is no explicit mention by to said content for use.

3.4. Member or client can copy, transfer and / or use the content only for your personal, non-commercial purposes, but only if they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the document.

3.5. If give the member or client the right to use content under a separate agreement to which the member / customer has or acquires access, other than as described in this document, the right extends only to the content defined in the agreement only when the content is available on the Internet site or within the agreed period of the agreement on the terms specified in the Agreement only in the event that there is no confidential information given by a member, customers or other third parties who own / have access to transfer the contents in any way that access can be withdrawn in any way during or after the expiration of the agreement for use.

3.6. No content transferred to the member or by any Client communication channels (email, phone, etc..) Or acquired from a member or client by accessing, visiting or seeing its not a case of a contractual obligation to and / or employee,, who has made the transfer of content when it is known and is associated with the given content.

3.7. Any use of the Content for any purpose other than those specifically mentioned in this document or in any accompanying them, if any, are prohibited.

4. Contact

4.1. publish on its website complete and accurate data for identification and your contact details by the member or client.

4.2. By using the contact form provided on the website, member or client allows to contact him using the available means, including electronically.

4.3. Partial or complete filling in the contact form does not oblige to implement feedback from members or clients.

4.4. Access to the Website, the use of the information, visit their pages or sending e-mail notifications sent to is done electronically, by telephone or other available member or client funds, which is a presumption that the member or customer agrees receive notifications from electronically and / or by telephone, including a-mail communications or notices on the website.

4.5. reserves the right not to respond to any requests of any kind received by any means (electronic, telephone, etc.)..

5. Privacy Policy collect personal data and specific information (PIN) from the client account on its website, but only with the free consent of the member or the Client for the following purposes:

 confirmation, delivery and invoicing of a n order or purchase coupon (voucher);

 cancel orders and other problems of any kind relating to the order or contract for purchased products or services, including the purchase of coupon (voucher);

 Providing access to services;

 Send Brochures and / or known only by electronic means;

 Contacts with the member or client with his voluntary consent;

 Contacting associated with:

 - Customer Service;

 - Statistical purposes.

5.2. without the consent of the customer or member to collect other data (IP address, time of visit, a place which is accessible website, name and version of web browser, operating system, including other parameters) provided by web browser when it is made available on the website and can be used by to improve services provided to customers and members or with statistical purposes, except where the provisions of the document, if the actions of the member / client are detrimental to the interests or cause any damage to and / or third parties with whom has an agreement for cooperation or any service at this time.

5.3. Client has the right to object to the collection of personal information and request its deletion, thus he / she withdraws consent in respect of the document and waives any rights it described, without further obligation on either side to the other and / or without any of the parties responsible for any damages to the other, but only under the provision of Art. 2.8.

5.4. To exercise their rights under Art. 6.3 The customer or member associated with cantarellifabrics opportunities through the contact listed on the website at that time.

5.5. Using templates website, client or member shall have the right to change the original information submitted by them to declare the change, if it is carried out.

5.6. The privacy policy of is based only on information that is voluntarily provided by the Client or a member only website. is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced and implemented by third parties which can be accessed through any internet connections outside website.

5.7. shall use the collected data only in accordance with these purposes and not entrusted, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc.. its database containing the personal and exclusive information about the member / customer of third parties who are not bound to achieve the said objectives.

5.8. Except in cases where the transfer / access / viewing / other requested by the authorized bodies in the cases provided by mandatory provisions of law in force at the time of the event. ensure that personal user data collected through the contact form will only be used until the problem to which the communication is addressed, then the data will remain only as statistical information.

5.10. is not responsible for failures that could jeopardize the security of the server that stores a database containing personal information.

6. Policy sales over the Internet

6.1. Access to Services

 6.1.1. Access to services is allowed every member who created the profile.

 6.1.2. To be allowed access to the service member must accept the provisions of this document.

 6.1.3. can limit access to services to a consumer with regard to his previous conduct.

 6.1.4. Each Client / Member can only have one profile on the website. not allowed to share a profile between several customers.

 6.1.5. In case of detection of situations described in section 7.1.4. in the document, reserves the right to terminate or restrict access to its services.

6.2. Products and Services

 6.2.1. All prices associated with products or services presented in Bulgarian lev (BGN) for Bulgaria in Euro (EUR) and all other countries in the currency and include value added tax (VAT).

 6.2.2. Prices shown on the website and crossed a line indicating the price recommended by the manufacturer for sale in shops and other outlets where not applicable discounts. These prices are indicative and have no legal value.

 6.2.3. All information used to describe the products and the website (text / static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / others) are not contractual obligations, and only way of presentation.

 6.2.4. In the presentation of products / services reserves the right to use other products (accessories, etc.) that may not be included in the product price.

6.3. Validity of offer

 reserves the right to change prices for products available without pre-notified to the Member or Client.

 6.3.2. The price of products and services is that from the time of order within stock.

 6.3.3. The cost of promotional products and services is one of the time of the contract within the stock and / or during the promotional period, if one is specified.

 6.3.4. The cost of buying products or services can not be changed after the making of the contract, except with the consent of both parties.

 6.3.5. The purchase price of the products and / or services under a contract according to art. 7.6.3. of the document can not be changed.

 6.3.6. The client may withdraw from a contract purchased products and / or services relying on section 7.9.

6.4. Internet order

 6.4.1. The customer can order the products at any time and only through the website.

 6.4.2. Completing your order, the Customer agrees that all information necessary for the buying process is accurate and complete at the time of the contract, also called in the Document-made order.

 6.4.3. Completing your order, the Customer agrees that can contact him through all available / approved by funds in connection with the following situations:

 Confirmation of availability and quantity of products purchased by the Customer.

 Confirmation of the value of your order, in conjunction with Art., Including, depending on the situation, other value-added services (eg, delivery, etc.).

 Negotiating the terms of delivery of the products.

 6.4.4. may unilaterally terminate the order placed by the customer and inform him in advance, with no further obligation to any party, and without either party being liable for damages in the following cases:

 information provided by the Client the website is incomplete and / or invalid;

 actions of the client's website can inflict / harm of any kind of and / or its partners;

 if two consecutive customer orders were not completed successfully.

 6.4.5. The customer can withdraw from your order when or third party contact him with regard to the situation of art. 7.4.3.

 6.4.6. Once the customer confirms the order amount or inform customers about the validity of the contract, it is subject to the terms and conditions of the sales contract the distance covered in the Bulgarian legislation.

 6.4.7. (Amended on 25.06.2013) When can not perform the contract because it does not have the ordered goods and services it is obliged to inform the Client and refund of the amounts paid, if any, in Within 30 days of the date on which had to fulfill his obligations under the contract.

 6.4.8. If the customer changes their personal information available through the internet thread templates, all existing contracts in force at that time remain valid with the data available / accepted by the Customer before the change.

6.5. Contract and performance

 parcel will apply to the Customer all necessary documents certifying the products / services purchased by the Customer.

6.6. Delivery and providing electronic access

 6.6.1. The client is available only one method of delivery for purchased products / services via companies selected by an express courier or through electronic access provided by

 6.6.2. Delivery time and production is usually secondary to 4 weeks from the making of the order. If the product can not be delivered, is obliged to inform the client.

6.7. Quality Assurance

 6.7.1. Some products may have a contractual warranty, and this will be stated in the product description at the exclusive sale of his website. The exact details of such a guarantee is provided with the accompanying product documentation and shall not be entitled to claim for a longer period of guarantee, expressly said. This means that the security of the products offered by the same offered by providers

 6.7.2. not guarantee the availability of any product / service that can be purchased from the website.

6.8. Return of products

 6.8.1. client can return products purchased, according to contractual relations in the following situations:

 Parcel serious violations of physical integrity of its contents;

 The products are delivered or billed incorrectly;

 products have manufacturing defects.

 6.8.2. The client is obliged to inform of their intention to return products purchased through any means of written communication (e-mail, fax or otherwise) within 7 working days after receiving the products and / or services in return for a response from Cantarelli acceptance of the claim.

 client can not return the purchased product on a contractual basis and / or to claim for damages / compensation in the following situations:

 In the event of a recall for one of those specified in Art. 7.9.1. reasons and the returned product is not in the condition in which it was shipped (in original packaging with all tags attached and all supporting documents).

 6.8.4. In case of recovery of the value of the product, this will be done within 30 days after confirmation of recovery.

 6.8.5. Additional costs, including but not limited to the supply of products shall be paid by the Customer.

 6.8.6. In all cases, the cost of return resubmission shall be borne by the Customer, except in cases of , ,, where will bear the cost of delivery.

7. Misuse of personal data

7.1. not require its customers or users by any means of communication (e-mail / phone / SMS / other) confidential information, bank accounts / bank card details or personal passwords.

7.2. Except art. 8.1. Only corporate customers to to know the account number, bank, respectively, in the Client's account and the data be used for invoicing for contracts.

7.3. Client / member (exclusively) will have overall responsibility for sharing confidential information with third parties.

7.4. does not assume any responsibility if the Member / Client be held by third parties, which are presented to representatives of the interests of

7.5. Customer or member shall inform when such attempts using available forms of contact.

7.6. not distribute unsolicited commercial messages according to the Law on Electronic Commerce. Every member / customer who expressly provided e-mail address on the website, you can choose the deactivation of customer profile corresponding to this e-mail address.

7.7. Contacts made by by means of distance communication (eg e-mail) complete and consistent information about the sender and the links to it at the time of shipment.

7.8. Following objectives achieved or not, will be considered an attempt to deceive the website / content and / or and will be taken appropriate legal measures against this or those who try and meet the following purpose (s):

 7.8.1. access to any kind of data to another Member / Client Account or using another method;

 7.8.2. change or other modification of the content of the website or content sent by any means of to its members / clients;

 7.8.3. influence the performance of the server / servers website;

 7.8.4. access or share with others who do not properly get the right content sent by any means of to members or clients when I got the content is not the legitimate recipient.

8. Responsibility

8.1. not responsible for what any natural or legal person who uses the Content.

8.2. not be liable for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or / etc) that occurred as a result of the use or inability to use the information about the type of content presented on the website or for any errors or omissions in the content which may lead to damage.

8.3. If a member or client considers the Content submitted in any manner whatsoever by cantarellifabrics, without prejudice to any copyright or other right he / she may contact cantarellifabrics the available contact information so can make an informed decision.

8.4. no guarantee of a member or Client access to the Website or Services, and does not allow to download and complete or partial modification, reproduction of content, partially or completely, copying or use of the Content in any other way, or transferred to third-party content to which there is / or has acquired / available under the terms of this document without the express written permission of

8.5. not responsible for the content, quality or nature of other websites accessed via links from the content of the website, regardless of the connection type. Responsibility for these websites is borne entirely by their owners.

8.6. assumes no liability for the use of websites and / or content sent to the member or client by any means (electronic, telephone, etc.) through the Internet pages, E-mail or employees of where the use of content may harm or generate any harm to member / client and / or third parties connected to the transmission of content.

8.7. offers no express or implied warranties that:

 8.7.1. service will meet the requirements of the Client;

 8.7.2. service will be intact, secure and without any errors.

 8.7.3. products / services purchased or obtained free of charge from the web site will meet the requirements or expectations of the Customer.

 8.8. Operators, managers and / or owners of the web site are not responsible in any way for damage followed by, but not limited to acquisitions, special offers, advertising promotions, trade promotions, or other type of connection / transaction / dev / else that may occur Client or between Member and one of those who directly or indirectly advertise using the website.

9. Force majeure

9.1. Except where specifically stated otherwise, any part of the contract, which is still in force, is responsible for the failure, partial or full and / or when the liabilities are outside the terms of the contract, if the failure obligations has occurred as a result of force majeure.

9.2.Stranata or her legal representative, who rely on force majeure shall immediately and fully inform the other party about the event occurred and take steps to prevent it, to limit its consequences.

9.3. Party or its legal representative, referring to the above-described event is exempt from liability only if the event occurred prevents it to perform the contract in good faith.

9.4. If within 15 days of the event, it can not be resolved, either party may request the other terminate the contract without either party be liable for damages.

9.5. The party invoking force majeure must demonstrate its inability to meet its financial obligations within 30 days of the event, but only within chl.10.3.

10. Litigation

10.1. By using / visiting / viewing / other of any Content submitted by to its members / clients accessing and / or delivered by any means (electronic / phone / other), the person agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

10.2. Any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions which may occur between the Member / Client and,  shall be resolved amicably.

10.3. is not responsible for any damages, lost profits, costs, claims or other liabilities, if they occurred in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

10.4. Any dispute (excluding art. 11.2.) Which may arise between Members and or its business partners will be resolved amicably. In case this is not possible, they will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

10.5. If any provision or provisions mentioned above is, or is found / invalid and / or invalid and / but for whatever reason, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

10.6. The document has been prepared and will be interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian law.

11. Final provisions

11.1. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and any changes to the website, its facilities and services, including changes that could affect the website and / or its content without prior notice to members or clients.

11.2. is not responsible for any errors that may appear on the website for any reason, including those caused by changes, adjustments, etc. which are not made by the administrator of the website.

11.3. reserves the right to publish banners of any kind and / or connections to any part of the website, according to the law.

12. Feedback

12.1. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone 082821340 or e-mail:

12.2. Any comments, questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or other related website, its functionality or improvements will remain the property of Richmart LTD.

Cantarelli LTD

10 Potsdam Str

7000 Ruse


Phone: +359 82 821340